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EMR Solutions has flexible support options available that included our standard Remote support and our On-Site support as well. We are able to provide assistance and rapidly solve your issues remotely, however, when needed, an experienced staff member will be able to come to your place of business and work on your specific issue rapidly, professionally, and courteously.

When your computer issues are too much to handle for a remote support, we also offer superior onsite support. EMR Solutions can assist in installing new computer systems, install software and hardware.

Our technicians have the right amount of knowledge and experience to ensure that your onsite support experience is fast and efficient. EMR Solutions is here to ensure that when you request onsite support only the industry’s top professionals arrive to assist your needs. Our highly trained technicians provide superior onsite support in application deployment, systems analysis, technical guidance and our signature enterprise-wide implementation services.

Understanding the complexity of your IT related issues, we cater your IT needs as your in-house IT support or IT staff without overloading your budget and delivering you the most comprehended services for your IT needs. Appointing the IT staff or an IT technician onsite could be a costly factor sometime or even there comes a time when your IT technician goes on a long leave and you might need the IT Help Desk support on a temporary basis. In situations like this our IT Help Desk Support Services could work out to be the most cost effective and prominent solution for you. Your staff members could call us and our helpdesk will be happy to assist or advise you on your IT requirement.

Apart from that we work on and monitor your complete IT infrastructure and system, making sure that your computers and servers are problem free and your business process is smooth without any IT conflicts. Our immensely trained and experienced team of IT engineers works effectively and keeps the track of your complete computer system and are focused in preventing any IT conflicts that may arise. This allows even your staff to focus on their core work, without worrying about the IT conflicts of their computers.

For small businesses, the concept of server virtualization is frequently discussed. This is because server virtualization supports a lot without draining the resources of a small business. Here are a few different ways server virtualization can improve the small business experience:

Less stuff around the office. When you’re operating with server virtualization you’re able to support multiple types of computers with a single physical server. So, if you have employees who work from home or the office with PCs or Macs, you will be able to support both. There will be no need for two separate servers and this means less you have to purchase.

Less overhead altogether. Because you have less to purchase, you’re already saving money on hardware. Don’t forget the big energy bills that come with operating an office that’s rich with computer and tech support. Because many virtual companies are “on” all of the time, the bills add up fast and this can be a big hit for a small business or startup company that doesn’t have a ton of capital.

A more efficient office. You will be running a more efficient office with server virtualization because it simplifies the tech end of things. There’s one Internet connection that supports everything, so you don’t need multiple connects to support email, computers, servers, etc. This alone greatly reduces of tech issues you’ll run into. It’s a numbers game when it comes to tech glitches and you want to keep the numbers on your side by streamlining things and keeping them as simple as possible. A lesson small business owners learn early on is sometimes less is more.

Recover quickly. If something goes wrong with server virtualization, you won’t be left in the dark. You can set up a system so it backs up online and all work and documents will be readily available in cyberspace, so you can access them from anywhere in the world and so can your employees. This relates to having a plan for continuing to work virtually in the event of a disaster or emergency. With server virtualization, your business will be up and running, and continuing to make money in no time at all. This is something essential because it gives many small business owners peace of mind.

Extended lifecycle. Technology moves at a crazy pace, which means many small business owners constantly look to update to newer and better. While some of these things can be effective for business, they are also costly to implement, especially at such a rapid pace. Using server virtualization means you can focus on work and worry less about keeping up with the latest hardware technology.


Having your network protected from outside intruders is as essential as locking up the front door of your business. If the firewalling architecture is poorly setup or in some cases nonexistent it might have a significant impact on the business entity. If an intruder penetrates into your network it could lead to sensitive data being leaked out of your network data loss, or worse.
EMR specialises in Firewall’s tailored for your business requirements.


SPAM is known as the pest of the eGeneration and most companies experience both financial loss and lost productivity due to inefficient spam protection. Spam floods the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on to people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services.


In simple terms spyware is a program that becomes installed on a computer and changes settings, displays advertising, and/or tracks Internet behaviour and reports information back to a central database. Spyware is sometimes installed unintentionally by users along with other wanted software and can be very hard to remove.


Some examples of open and closed source antivirus protection solutions we support and implement include:
•AVGAnti Virus
•Vipre Anti Virus
•Kaspersky AV
• Trend Micro

The objective of an IT audit is to obtain relevant information in an attempt to better.
Safeguard assets, Maintain data integrity, ensure network efficiency and uptime.
Some aspects covered by our security audit and analysis services include:

  • Physical Security
    Network Security
    •Protocols / Services
    •User Security
    •Security Policies
    •Group Policies
    • System Administration

There are of course many options as far as IT consulting firms are concerned in Sydney, so the question is – what is it that makes EMR stand apart? The answer is really quite simple – not only do our IT consultants have a breadth of knowledge and expertise that is industry best practice, but we also pride ourselves in treating each and every scenario in a comprehensive way. We will consider all aspects of a situation and propose a number of solutions, all with clearly defined pros and cons. Essentially, we believe that major changes to your IT infrastructure calls for a clearly defined process, whereby key stakeholders are consulted, all possibilities are considered, and final recommendations are put to the decision maker and explained in plain English.

Business IT consulting is not something every IT company can do well. It takes attention to detail, strong technical expertise and a high level of communication to deliver the best service to business clients. We really do feel that our ICT consultants and the services they provide are the best in their class. So give us a call today to find out how we can help your business.

As a business owner,  you may have occasionally considered the benefits of outsourcing your IT support department but were unsure of which IT company to choose to meet your needs. EMR provides IT outsourcing to many small and medium business in Sydney as we know that a smoothly functioning IT network is a fundamental component for aspiring businesses in today’s world.

The most valuable asset that business owners have is their time. Time is finite. If you want your business to prosper, you need to be able to clearly focus your attention on contributing to further growth of your business and not be hindered by IT problems. For example, dealing with file server issues is not something you should be doing as a business owner. Your skills and expertise should be focused on the core running of your business. This concept is known as opportunity cost – the cost to your business of using your time inefficiently. That is where we, EMR, come in. We take the headaches out of all things IT, giving you more time to focus on what matters most.

Your employees will no longer stumble through their work every day, hindered by the technology around them. Our IT support services streamline the technology of your business, improving worker efficiency and, ultimately, providing a better service to your customers.

By outsourcing your computer support, you no longer have to pay an in-house IT worker’s salary. For just a portion of that cost you get a full-time team of technicians, highly skilled in what they do.

By outsourcing your business’s IT services to us, you can be assured that any future remote support you receive will be of the highest possible quality. This means that your technology will suddenly start to work for you, as opposed to the other way around. We help businesses in this way every single day. Our IT technicians have become experts at solving technology problems which means your issues will be resolved quickly, easily, and efficiently. As a result, you can start giving your customers the service they deserve sooner, rather than later.

Certain industries allow contractors to buy materials for a cheaper price than their customers could ever receive.  The computer repair industry is no different. EMR is directly connected to major players in the industry, which means that we can upgrade any computers and technology that your business requires for a more cost-effective price. As a business owner, you need to take advantage of every money-saving opportunity that comes your way. So, if you’re on the verge of upgrading your computer hardware and software, than outsourcing your IT department to us could be one of the best decisions you make.

Data recovery continues to be a highly sought-after service despite the increase in overall quality of hard drives. Thankfully we have well-developed technical expertise when it comes to data recovery, with access to a clean-room when required. The importance of data to businesses as well as to individuals cannot be underestimated, however we do not believe that this should mean extortionate prices when it comes to retrieving this data. We have a much flatter pricing structures as compared to other data recovery services in Sydney, but we do provide a comprehensive services that should cover just about all situations.

The types of devices we recover data from include laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, USB memory sticks, mobile phones, and server RAID arrays. We even offer a free pickup and return service – no fix no pay! Within 24 hours we’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with your drive and what steps we will need to take to recover your data. In many cases, we are even able to recover your data within this initial 24 hours period.

Some situations that may be relevant are:

  • Hardware failure
  • Mistakenly deleting your files
  • Virus damage
  • Dropped laptop
  • Dropped external drive

EMR provides small businesses with computer support across Sydney, with our highly capable Microsoft certified technicians ready to help you with your small business server or workstation computer problems. Our approach is one of flexibility and dynamism, and our technicians are adept at implementing and advising you on a range of IT solutions for your small business. Whether you need a new network configured, server troubleshooting, or new hardware configured.

Many small businesses are reliant on a server for their IT environment. The cost to keep servers running well can often be excessive if maintenance is performed irregularly and things only examined when everything falls over in a heap. We offer a number of options for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your servers

Our technicians are never stumped as to what to do. No problem is ever too big or too small for us to deal with, so do not hesitate to contact us with your technical support enquiry. If you are after advice in terms of IT solutions, we are also able to assist in figuring out the best path forward for your business

EMR can help eliminate the pain from your IT procurement and lifecycle management process. With access to major distributors and vendors, we are in a unique position to provide competitive pricing for our clients and will liaise with other vendors and suppliers on your behalf.

We can help identify current and future hardware needs and will provide you with affordable and scalable solutions.

We also take care of your entire equipment life cycle starting with specifications, purchasing and pre-delivery. When your equipment has reached end-of-life we will then assist with decommissioning, data erasure and secure disposal.